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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

MEPs oppose EU subsidies for new fishing boats

EURO-MPs have rejected proposals to fund new fishing boats that would have seen more boats chasing fewer fish.

MEPs were considering proposals to reintroduce subsidies for ‘fleet renewal’ under the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).

But the proposals ran counter to the very spirit of the latest revision to the CFP, which was adopted earlier this year, according to London’s Green MEP Jean Lambert.

“We saw real progress towards making Europe’s fishing industry work in a much more sustainable way when the CFP was revised earlier this year,” she said.

“We adopted rules designed to put the interests of the marine environment, as well as long-term jobs in the fishing industry, at the heart of the CFP.

“So I am delighted that this vote won’t see more boats fishing in EU waters – threatening both fish levels and fishing jobs’ viability.

“We Greens would like to see a CFP that links fishing rights to environmental good practice.”

Measures adopted by MEPs include more cash to be spent on collecting data about fish populations and the marine environment, and better oversight by the European Commission of how Member States spend the money.

However there were several measures adopted such as funding for engine replacements and other measures to increase fishing capacity that the Greens opposed.

Therefore the Greens / EFA Group eventually voted against the package, which also contained measures that go against the aim of the Greens to increase sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of fishing.