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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

London MEP calls for fracking ban

LONDON’S Green MEP has called for a complete ban on ‘fracking’ ahead of plans for experimental drilling for shale gas and oil in Croydon.

She told reporters today that it was unsafe, environmentally-damaging, contributed to climate change – and was bad for communities.

“Residents of Croydon and Orpington are being told that fracking will benefit the local economy and will play a key role in promoting UK energy security – and therefore lower energy bills – in future,” she said.

“But really fracking is in the interests of big business, not communities.

“Instead we need community-level renewable energy generation that’d be more efficient, cheaper, cleaner, better for the environment – and create more jobs.

“There should be a complete ban on fracking, in London and across the EU, and that is exactly what Greens are pushing for.”