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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Greens join EU criticism of UK Tories on immigration


15/01/2014 GREENS in the European Parliament have criticised David Cameron for fuelling xenophobia and seeking to undermine the rights of the million-plus EU citizens living in London and UK nationals returning to the country.

They are working with MEPs from all major parties (with some obvious exceptions) to reaffirm their commitment to the free movement of all EU nationals – including Romanian and Bulgarian citizens.

London’s Green MEP Jean Lambert said free movement for all was a core EU value.

“More than a million EU citizens born outside the UK live in London alone, and hundreds of thousands of UK citizens live in other EU countries,” she said.

“The reality is that free movement within the EU is welcomed by millions of citizens – and can be good for us all, both culturally and economically.

“Yet David Cameron, and some other party leaders, have been stoking up fear and xenophobia about this month’s ending of restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians’ right to live and seek work in the UK – and this risks one of the very freedoms which has made the EU a success.

“In this context, we are joining MEPs from across the political spectrum to reaffirm our commitment to the EU core value of freedom of movement, to recognise that benefit tourism is a myth, to recognise the economic contribution made by EU migrants, and to make clear that no opt-out, or derogation, from the EU’s commitment to freedom of movement is possible.”

MEPs will vote on the resolution tomorrow.