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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

UK must stay in the EU, Green MEP argues ahead of London debate


14/02/2014 LONDON Green Party MEP Jean Lambert is to host a topical debate on the future of the UK’s relationship with EU.

Ms Lambert will chair the event, which has been co-organised by think-tank Greenhouse and the Green European Foundation to examine how to make the EU a force for sustainability, on Friday at the London offices of the European Parliament in Westminster.

The debate, entitled, ‘Greening the EU – is it possible?’ will also see the launch of a controversial new report by University of Surrey Professor of EU Politics Alex Warleigh-Lack – ‘Greening the European Union’ – in which he argues that the EU is about more than simply free trade and can help promote a transition to a ‘greener’ Europe.

Speaking ahead of the debate, Ms Lambert said: “With much of the South of England under water – and much of London itself only escaping floods thanks to the regular usage of the Thames Flood barrier – we are seeing the effects of climate change in the UK more than ever before.

“If we are to prevent this level of devastation becoming a new norm we must take immediate – and radical – steps to tackle climate change: and that means reaching agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions internationally.

“The EU has a major role to play in leading the way, and brokering a wider global deal. We need this to be a clear priority for the EU rather than the single market.”