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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Deal Reached on Worker’s Rights

27/02/2014 London’s Green MEP Jean Lambert welcomed a new deal to improve labour rights for workers posted overseas.

The ‘posting enforcement directive’ aims to curtail abuses of EU law which allows countries to move cheaper, foreign workers from one country to another, and prevent the use of so-called ‘letterbox’ companies or bogus self-employment arrangements, set up to avoid giving workers their rights.

Jean Lambert is a member of the Employment Committee and voted in favour of the changes during their passage through the European Parliament.

The announcement marks the end of long negotiations between EU Governments (meeting as the Council), the Parliament and the Commission.

Ms Lambert said: “These new rules won’t change the world – but they will make sure rights become reality for thousands of workers posted abroad. The changes will close loopholes and bring an end to bogus companies trying to circumvent the law, or scams such as forcing workers into false self-employment to deny them their rights.

“Tougher enforcement and improved co-operation between EU members will ensure all workers are treated fairly and are granted their rights, wherever they come from.

“The changes are particularly relevant here in London, which is home to thousands of workers from across the EU – many of them temporarily posted by multinational companies. Greens support a living wage for all workers in London – and these rules are a positive step towards ending exploitation and ensuring equal treatment for all.

“Today’s decision has been a hard fought battle and not all of the Greens’ demands have been met – I’d have liked to have an obligation for joint and several liability insurance for posting companies. Nevertheless, this is much needed regulation which will curb the worst abuses and better protect workers, and for this it must be welcomed.”


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