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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Statement on crisis in Greece


Commenting on developments in Greece, and the announcement of Greek Prime Minister Tsipras to hold a referendum on whether or not to accept the latest terms posed by creditors, Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London said:

‘Rebuilding Greece’s economy so that the vicious circle of increasing austerity is halted is clearly the goal. Stopping negotiations now is unlikely to help reach that goal and so Greens have urged all parties to do their utmost to prevent a Greek default.

‘I am convinced that for Greece’s people as well as for the whole of EU, a reasonable compromise is both necessary and feasible.

‘While the Greek government made major steps towards a compromise, putting forward proposals that went much further than anything outlined before, lenders remain intransigent in their demands. Greece’s creditors continue to demand measures which would not help the country’s economic recovery. Greece instead needs a commitment for a restructuring of the debt as well as the rapid set-up of a major investment plan to counterbalance the recessionary and self-defeating austerity measures requested by the creditors. It is not right that Greek citizens suffer more each day from yet more austerity, or that debt deals lead to further weakening of the economy.

‘As part of the solution the EU needs to use its support to deliver sustainable investment in the economy, thereby helping to end this unhappy and damaging cycle.’