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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Third Runway announced at Heathrow


Jean Lambert, as Green MEP for London, has labelled the Davies Commission’s findings ‘deeply disappointing’ with the announcement this morning that a third runway has been recommended for Heathrow. Greens called for an end to airport expansion.


Jean said:

‘Today’s announcement shows the power and reach of big business. Growth at any cost in our aviation capacity is not compatible with the UK’s climate change commitments. Heathrow Airport is already the biggest noise polluter in Europe and with estimates that around 1.1 million people will be affected by a third runway, this is a deeply disappointing decision.’

In 2014 Jean submitted a joint response to a major Government consultation on airport expansion. In it, she highlighted the impact of aviation on meeting our climate change targets and on local communities. She also submitted a response to a separate consultation on state aid for aviation, in which they called for an end to state subsidies to the aviation industry.