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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

UK Government must end ‘awful uncertainty’ on status of EU citizens

November 30, 2016

* Jean Lambert MEP responds to letter from European Council President on the status of EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens elsewhere in the EU

The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, has written to UK Members of Parliament​ ​denying their claims that the EU is creating ‘anxiety and uncertainty for the UK and other EU citizens living in one another’s territories​’​.

​Commenting on the letter, Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London and Greens’​ migration spokesperson said:

​​”People’s lives must not be used as bargaining chips by either side. This is people’s futures, families’ security, relationships, people’s jobs, children’s educations, friendships that are at stake and these things should be taken off the negotiating table right now.

“Donald Tusk’s frustration at the lack of any semblance of a plan from the UK Government how to enact the outcome of the referendum is understandable. But a contest to see who blinks first serves no-one, least of all those citizens from other EU countries who have built a life in the UK and UK nationals living elsewhere in the EU.

​​”We are calling for Theresa May for come forward and say citizens of other EU countries living in Britain are welcome and their full rights are guaranteed. The UK Government has it in its power to end this awful uncertainty. The Government should recognise that freedom of movement enriches our societies and benefits our economy and public services and that people’s ​current ​right​s​ to live, work, study and travel in Europe should be maintained.”

Jean Lambert MEP​ released a new video this week, ‘Free movement benefits us all’, about the benefits of free movement and how Greens will be defending migrants’ rights in the post-referendum period.