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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Greens condemn Trump’s shameful ban on Muslims and refugees

Refugees Welcome


Jean added her voice to the following statement from Greens in the UK:

It’s mortifying that the Prime Minister was photographed hand in hand on Holocaust Memorial Day with a US President who, later that day, signed an executive order which places an immediate ban on immigrants from seven Muslim majority countries and all refugees entering the USA.

The order, which is called ‘Protection Of The Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The United States’, also states that prohibition would not apply to non-Muslims and that Christians fleeing persecution would be prioritised for resettlement.

These measures are a barbaric attack on Muslims in the USA, from the countries which are now banned and on all Muslims around the world. It stamps upon all principles of liberty and civil rights and undermines the value system upon which all our democracies is based.

As Greens here in the UK we are ashamed that the highest elected official of our country visited the USA during this time and then spectacularly failed to take a serious stand against such hatred.

We call upon our Prime Minister to immediately condemn the order in the strongest. Half-baked statements simply aren’t good enough. All who value human rights must stand up against this alarming act, the rise in hatred it represents and these clear stirrings towards fascism.

A version of this statement was published in the Guardian.