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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Jean calls for an end to caged rabbit farming

13th March 2017

Jean and her Green colleagues in the European Parliament are voting this week on a report on Minimum Standards for the Protection of Farm Rabbits.

Speaking on the issue Jean said:

“As a recent film investigation by Compassion in World Farming shows, the conditions suffered by caged rabbits farmed in the EU is nothing short of abhorrent. Legislation is clearly needed, and I welcome the report on Minimum Standards for the Protection of Farm Rabbits, which will be voted on by the European Parliament tomorrow, 14 March. Green MEPs voted in favour of this report when it was considered by the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee (AGRI). I can assure you that my Green colleagues and I will be voting in favour of the report when it comes to the full Parliament vote.

“EU legislation has improved animal welfare in many areas across the 28 Member States and the EU has some of the most far-reaching animal protection legislation in the world. However, much more still needs to be done. Although rabbits are the second most farmed species in the EU, after broiler chickens, they do not benefit from any EU-wide species-specific protections. My Green colleagues and I therefore advocate species-specific legislation for rabbits, and will be voting for amendments to introduce it.

Find out more about the Compassion in World Farming campaign and how you can encourage your MEP to support it here#EndTheCageAge.