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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Leaked Home Office document will damage the UK’s “fragile relationship” with Europe, says Green MEP

A Green MEP has criticised the Home Office, following the leak of a document outlining its vision for Britain’s post-Brexit immigration policy yesterday. [1]

Jean Lambert, London’s Green MEP, said:

“At first glance, this document embodies all the characteristics we have come to expect from Home Office immigration proposals – it’s administratively complex, economically harmful, ideologically driven, and lacking in human compassion.​​

It displays contempt for the millions of EU nationals who have built their lives in the UK in good faith, and for EU negotiators who have made it crystal clear they will not accept any roll-back on citizens’ rights.
This marks yet another example of the Government making unreasonable proposals that will appease the ​tabloids but damage the UK’s fragile relationship with its closest neighbours.
If nothing else, it serves as a reminder that the Home Office can’t be trusted to protect our established rights to​ free movement. A stark reminder of why we need the continued protections of the ECJ.”